The Needle-Free Injection System


N-jector™ is the brand name for our Needle-Free jet injectors. The “N” stands for needle-free, and the products are similar in material design and jet propulsion mechanics. 

PREJEX is a company with both a pre-filled, single-use, totally disposable N-jector, and the repeated-use “N-jector-Multi” shown above and as described below.

New products in the final stages of R&D include:
⦁ an N-jector repetitive dosing technology that does not require re-loading an ampule or using a reset box, and uses a “drug reservoir” similar to needle-containing insulin pens but with not needle.  There is no transfer of medicine, no disposal hazards, no sterilization required, repeated dosing from the same device, cost effective and competitive.
⦁  an N-jector “pen” unit that is narrow, like ballpoint pen, and contains a pre-filled glass vial within the stainless steel jet injector unit, and
⦁ an N-jector “trocar” for the administration of drugs, biologics and gene therapy molecules deep within the body using “shockwave technology” to deliver the therapeutics inside of cells and tissues of the body. 

The N-jector is a single-use device that comes with either a drug filled ampule, filled to the correct dose with a physician-prescribed medicine or a sterile-packed empty ampule to be filled by the patient, the caregiver, or a pharmacist for a single dose administration of a drug, biologic or vaccine.  The volume of the Drug Solution can be from 0.05 ml to 0.50 ml, providing a large range of dosing (milligrams of drug) to occur. The device is light-weight and easy to handle for self-administration. It can be stored refrigerated or at room temperature for long periods of time so it can be shipped cross-country. It can be thrown in the trash after the dose is administered as it contains no biohazardous needles. The drug pre-filled N-jector-101 can be picked up at the pharmacy or delivered right to the patient at home.  This convenience factor should promote patient-friendly dosing and improved compliance.

For the fertility use, a carton of seven (7) pre-filled N-jector-IVF is delivered to the women for the induction of ovulation.  The Drug Solution will be follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) or FSH containing luteinizing hormone (LH). The dose of the FSH and/or FSH+LH will be prescribed by a doctor and filled by a pharmacist. A doctor may prescribe either 7 days or 14 days of nightly dosing, so if the Rx is for 14 days, the patient would receive 2 cartons of the 7 N-jector-IVF.  

For ED, facial cosmetic use, human growth hormone, or less frequent dosing (once a week or once a month), a single pack or multi-pack carton is available and will be prescribed as such.

The use of needle-free injectors such as the N-jector product lines are reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid, CMS and other Governmental organizations in the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere.

 The reusable N-jector™-  Multi is shown above.  The “N-  jector™-Multi” Kit comes with the Injector,   the Reset Box, sterile Connectors, and a dozen (12) sterile Ampules for 12 doses of drug. Boxes of 50 ampules and connectors are available by Purchase Order.  PREJEX is so confident of its performance that the N-jector-Multi device is Guaranteed for Life.


                         PREJEX Components

PREJEX Reset Box in the N-jector-Multi Kit