The Needle-Free Injection System


With Prejex the Needle free, drug delivery system, you can make your life substantially easier. 

Prejex is a needle free injector that delivers a fine stream of medication subcutaneously (under the skin) without using a needle. Injections with  the Prejex is "virtually" pain-free and does not lead to tissue damage on long term use. What more can you ask for, for this value-for-money-device?

The Prejex needle-free injection product is intended for use to administer subcutaneous needle-free injections for doses of 0.3 ml or less down to dose as small as 0.05 ml (5units).

Prejex is a reusable injector system that incorporates a sterile single-use disposable ampoule that holds the drug dose. The ampoule allows for variable doses to be drawn from either a conventional glass vial as well as from other types of medication containers.


 Prejex Injector Benefits and Advantages 

  • Needle Free
  • Virtually Painless
  • Subcutaneous Injection
  • Convenient for delivery of variable doses
  • Fast, Easy and safe in Use and Effect
  • No risk of needle stick injuries
  • Eliminates cross contamination
  • Reduce disposal costs
  • Compact and can be used anywhere
  • Easy to operate and reusable
  • Bayonet compound
  • Adjusable for different amounts


Pre Filled Ampoules

Prejex offers pre-fillable sterile disposable ampoules for injecting doses of 0.5 ml or less per injection. These special ampules are made of a proprietary inert material which allows them to be used for long term storage of medication in situations where shelf life is required. These ampoules are pre-filled at the Pharmaceutical company's filling and packaging facility to customer specifications with special ampoule filling equipment available from Prejex.

Marion / Gina

The Marion and Gina (family of Prejex) are two types of all disposable, single use devices that are available in several configurations. They can be provided with the ampoule attached or without the ampoule pre-attached. These injectors will deliver either a fixed dose or variable dose of medication. They can also be manufactured with a pre-fillable ampoule ready     for immediate use. These all disposable needle-free injectors are already pre-loaded, and ready to use in seconds. 

Available for the Beauty and Medical Market.


Marion is a device (family of Prejex) intended for one time usage only, low cost and easy to operate. The device is spring based operated.